Grace Vision Partnership


Thank you for exploring the possibility of becoming a Grace Vision Partner with us. Grace Vision Partnership is something the Lord has laid on my heart. God has given us a big vision for this ministry, and the only way we will be able to fulfill it is through building strong relationships with faithful partners who are willing to sow into the building of God’s Kingdom in this earth realm. In a time where a majority of people have some form of legalistic view when it comes to God, it is more necessary than ever that this Gospel of Grace be preached around the world.

Successful ministry is all about the people. The success of a ministry is not measured by the size of a church or by how many people come to the meetings. The success of a ministry is measured in the transformed lives of the people connected to that ministry. Jesus is in the heart transformation business. And so we too ought to be in the heart transformation business. As Proverbs 4:23 tells us, the issues of life come out of the heart. And so a transformed heart will always yield in a transformed life. I believe God is interested in radically transforming people’s hearts by changing how people perceive Him. I believe that God wants the world as well as the Church to get a revelation of His love and His grace, and He wants us to realize that by sending His Son into the world He has already made provisions for everything we will ever need. Our task is to live lives of trusting Him and depending upon Him.

When you connect with this ministry as a Grace Vision Partner, you are helping us transform the hearts of people by helping them to encounter Jesus for the very first time. You are actively participating in enabling us as a ministry to continue to get free life-changing resources into the hands of many who otherwise would have no access to them. As a Grace Vision Partner you are entering into a covenant with us. As in any partnership, both parties have a role to play. There are commitments placed on both sides.

My commitment to you is:

  • Pray for you and your loved ones daily.
  • Agree with you in faith and confess God’s victory and overcoming power over your life daily.
  • Provide you with regular updates on how funding from our Grace Vision Partners is being used to further the vision God has given us.
  • A monthly letter of encouragement from myself to you.

Your commitment is:

  • Pray daily for Alex Rubit Ministries and Grace World Church International.
  • Stand in faith with us by speaking positive confessions over our ministry.
  • Pledge to contribute a monthly donation amount of your choosing into the ministry.

Let’s join forces together to bring God’s Grace to a World in dire need of it, and thereby fulfill Jesus’ great commission to “make disciples of all nations…” (Matthew 28:20, NIV). There is nothing more powerful than becoming instruments through which God can fulfill His purposes in this earth.

In His Service,

Alex R. Rubit